Several years ago, GHR helped a new start-up company with three young and healthy employees to choose their ACA plan – at that time, it was the only option available to a group of that size. By next renewal period, the company had grown to five employees, therefore, we were able to shop for a medically underwritten, limited self-funded plan. As it turned out, we found a plan for them that offered more benefits at lower premiums, so we switched carriers. Renewal year number three rolled around and now they had moved to a larger location in a county that offered them more carrier options and, after shopping all alternatives (ACA, L.S-F, and RBP), we chose a new carrier that, again, offered even better benefits for less premium. A win for the young company three years in a row.

We researched and considered a fairly wide variety of options for our client, but one thing that never was a consideration?  GHR’s compensation.  As brokers, we are paid a set amount by each carrier per employee, per month. It is non-negotiable – we are told what the carrier will pay. In this instance, each successive carrier’s broker rate was lower than the one before, so because we were saving our client money, we made less money.  But the thing is, we’re not complaining. In fact, we are glad that we could help a young company thrive. 

At GHR, we believe that the long-term goodwill we nurture with our clients will to carry us, just as it has since 1910 – and we back it with our actions. We are in the business of doing good business and our clients know that we have their best interests at heart – every time!


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