We recently worked with the owner of a small business to help keep more money in his employees’ paychecks.  The owner was frustrated that he hadn’t been able to give raises to his three employees in several years because of the rising costs of benefits and shop materials.  GHR helped him find a way to essentially give his employees a “raise” by decreasing the amount they paid for benefits.

The shop’s three employees were voluntarily purchasing their own disability insurance. We showed the owner how he could affordably pay for his employees’ disability to free up extra income in their paychecks. We explained that it costs the company about 1/3 less to purchase disability insurance as an organization compared to what individuals have to spend for separate policies. The employees are now thrilled that we eliminated that personal expense and the owner is proud to be able to give more to his loyal employees.

As a side note, GHR will actually earn less income from this client because of this change, but it is a concession we are genuinely happy to be able to help a local small business and its employees. We always have our clients’ best interest in mind – even if it means us making less.


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